Chapter 6 – Alchemists
Within the jade box, a green pill, about the size of a Dragon’s eye, laid quietly. The refreshing scent that had spread throughout the entire hall was emanating散发from the pill!
In Dou Qi Mainland随风清 , to become a Dou Zhe, one needs to be able to compress 压缩the Qi within one’s own body to a Qi cyclone气旋. But the process of compressing Qi to become a Qi cyclone has an extremely high failure rate. After failing, one’s 9 Duan Qi would fall back to 8 Duan. Some unlucky people need to compress their Qi 10 or more times before they are successful in doing so. But by wasting so much time on the compression压缩of Qi, one would lose the best time to practice Qi and thus destroy their future.
Qi Gathering Power, its use was to allow someone with 9 Duan Qi to have a 100% percent success rate when trying to compress one’s Qi!
This effect影响makes many people red-eyed. After all, anyone thats not a Dou Zhe is treated extremely badly.
But Qi Gathering Power isn’t something made by nature蝶形封头, rather it was made by someone: Alchemist!
In Dou Qi Mainland, the sole单独的profession that’s more desirable令人满意than a Dou Zhe are Alchemists.
Like the name suggests建议, alchemists are able to create special pills that raise one’s strengths. Every free-agent alchemist is sought after受欢迎by many forces.
The reason as to why alchemists have such a high position is because of how rare alchemists are and how strict the requirements to become an alchemist are.
First of all, one must be of the fire attribute属性. And then, within the fire attribute, one must have a tiny sliver of the wood attribute to act as a catalysis催化剂in pill-refining.
In the Dou Qi Mainland, a person’s attribute属性is determined决定by their soul. A soul since birth will only have one乐朗乐读, sole attribute and reject any other attribute属性. So its impossible for a person to have two attributes.
Of course, nothing is impossible. Within a million people, there will always be someone who has a mutated变异soul. Within these people that have mutated souls, some have the potential to become Alchemists!
However, a person that has the fire and wood attributes is not enough to become an Alchemist. That’s because one must also have a strong Soul Perception感觉or Soul Moulding塑造!
In the refinement精炼of pills二刈子 , the three most important requirements are: The material, the flame and one’s soul perception感觉.
The Material. They would have to be natural treasures. After all, even the best alchemists can’t create a god-tier pill from trash material. Therefore, good base materials are very important for good pills.
The flame. Or the fire that’s required when refining pills. The fire used in refining精炼pills can’t be normal flames but rather, they must be Dou Qi flames created though Dou Qi with a fire attribute属性. Of course, there are some extremely strong mutated flames in nature. Some strong alchemists would take these flames and use them to refine pills instead of their own Dou Qi flame. Not only do these mutated flames boost促进the success rate of the refinement猛兽侠第一部, they also increase the effectiveness效力of the pills!
Because refining pills is a gruesome可怕的task, extended延长periods周期of refinement精炼requires a lot of Dou Qi, and because of that, every brilliant alchemist is also a strong fire-type Dou Zhe.
The final requirement is Soul Perception感觉.
When refining a pill, the intensity强度of the flame needs to be controlled with ridiculous可笑的precision精度. If the flame is slightly too hot蒋晓娟 , the pill within the furnace火炉would be burned to ashes, wasting the time and effort of the alchemist. Therefore, controlling the intensity强度of the flame is a prerequisite先决条件to becoming an alchemist. But in order to have a control over the flames蓝帽回回 , one must have an incredible Soul Perception感觉; without Soul Perception, even if one meets or even exceeds超过the first two requirements要求, it would be pointless to try to refine精炼pills.
Under these strict conditions, the ones who have the qualifications to become an alchemist are few and rare. Because there aren’t that many alchemists, the magical pills that they refine are also few and sparse稀少. Since rare things are valuable and pills can definitely be defined as rare, alchemists all have a honorable高贵, to an exaggerated夸张extent范围, position.
Within the main hall覃江巍 , with the gasps喘气of the three elders, the younger generation all stare at the Jade box in Ge Ye’s hands.
Next to her father, Xiao Mei licks her red lips with her soft tongue and stares at the box, without blinking…
“Hehe, this was refined by our honorable elder Gu He. I think that everyone here has heard of his name right?” Looking at the embarrassing appearance of the three elders, Ge Ye started becoming arrogant.
“This pill was refined by the Pill King Gu He?” Hearing Ge Ye’s words, the three elders once again embarrassed themselves.
Pill King Gu He, an extremely influential有影响力alchemist within the Jia Ma Empire. His alchemy is mysterious and unpredictable, causing countless different forces to try to fawn奉承upon him.
Not only does Gu He have extraordinary非凡的talent in alchemy, his own strength is at the level of a Dou Wang and he’s one of the top ten Dou Zhes in Jia Ma Empire.
Refined by his hands, the Qi Gathering Powder’s value is probably exponentially 指数级higher than other normal Qi Gathering Power.
The three elders smile at the Qi Gathering Powder within the Jade box. If the Xiao Clan gets this Qi Gathering Powder, then the Xiao Clan can probably develop another young Dou Zhe.
Right when the three elders were thinking about how to get the pill for their own grandsons, a young voice filled with fury resonates共鸣within the main hall.
“Mr. Ge Ye, it would be better if you kept the pill. Your request,邓楚涵 we might not accept it!”
The main hall fell silent and everyone’s gaze turns upon the delicate face of Xiao Yan in the corner.
“Xiao Yan至尊血帝 , you don’t have the right to say anything right now. Be quiet!蒙牛与中粮 ” One of the elder’s face became dark as he yells at Xiao Yan.
“Xiao Yao, be quiet. I know that you’re not happy about this but we’ll decide what will happen!” Another quite old elder said to Xiao Yan.
“Three elders, if your sons or grandsons had their marriage released today王羽墨 , would you still be saying that?” Xiao Yao slowly stands up. The edge of his mouth was curved弯曲upwards in ridicule. Since it was apparent that the three elders treated him with disdain蔑视, why should he be so respectful to them?
“You…” Hearing Xiao Yan’s words, the three elders couldn’t find a way to argue against his words. The grumpy暴躁的third elder even started materializing使有形his Dou Qi in anger.
“Three elders, Xiao Yao ge-ge isn’t wrong. He’s the victim of this so you guys shouldn’t decide for him.” A clear girl’s voice rang across the main hall.
Hearing the girl’s voice, the three elders’ arrogance傲慢fell and after exchanging worried glances梅朵瑞恩 , they all nodded and sat back down.
Looking at the three elders backing off胡彩宝 , Xiao Yao turns his head back and deeply gazes at the smiling Xiao Xun Er. Who are you? To be able to make the three elder fear you…
Pressing down his confusion, Xiao Yao quickly walks up and respectfully bows to his father星辰妖皇传 , Xiao Zhan. Afterwards, he turns around to face Nalan Yanran. Slowly letting a breath of air, he asks: “Lady Nalan, I would like to ask a question. Your visit here today, to release the marriage, did Grandfather Nalan give his consent同意?”
Before, when Xiao Yan came out from his corner, Nalan Yanran already felt uncomfortable with him. Now hearing his question, her brow scrunches揉成一团up. This guy, at first I thought he was pretty nice, but he’s actually extremely shameless. Does he not know the difference between the two of us?
Criticizing Xiao Yan in her mind, Nalan Yanran never considered how releasing the marriage would put Xiao Yan and his father into an awkward and infuriating situation.
Standing up and staring at the should be husband of hers, Nalan Yanran says: “Grandfather didn’t give his consent同意. But樊锦霖 ! This is my own problem and not related to him.”
“Since Grandfather hasn’t said anything then I hope that you will forgive my father for not accepting your request. Our marriage was set by our two grandfathers and since none of them have said to release the marriage then this marriage will go on. Or else, the people that are trying to release the marriage would be disrespecting their ancestors祖先! I think, that within our clan, there aren’t any people that would do such a dishonorable无耻的thing.” Xiao Yan tilts his head and stares straight at the three elders.
Using the dishonorable title全职业法神 , Xiao Yan forced the elders to be silent. In the strict clan, doing something as blasphemous亵渎神明as disrespecting one’s ancestors would be enough for them to lose their spot as an elder of the clan.
“You…” After being rebuffed by Xiao Yan, Nalan Yanran couldn’t find any argument to retort反驳Xiao Yan’s claim声称. Her face became ashen灰白and heavily stomping跺脚her feet, her princessy公主的nature became apparent. Looking at the young man with disgust徐琼霜 , she annoyingly says: “Under what conditions will you release the marriage? Were the reparations赔款too little? Alright, I can ask my teacher to give you another 3 Qi Gathering Powder. In addition, if you want to, I can let you join Faction派别of Misty Clouds and learn profound渊博的Dou Qi training methods, is that enough?”
Hearing the attractive conditions from Nalan Yanran, the three elders’ breathing started to become heavy. Within the main hall, the younger generation swallowed the saliva唾液. Joining Faction of Misty Clouds? God, that’s the dream of countless people…
After saying all these conditions, Nalan Yanran raised her snow-white chin, like a princess addressing访问her servants. She waited for Xiao Yan’s response and knew that these conditions were enough to make any young man crazy…